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Celebrating the launch of Priory Studios on Facebook by Dominic Lee

Celebrating the launch of Priory Studios on Facebook by Dominic Lee

To celebrate the launch of our Priory Studios facebook  page we are offering all of our customers a chance to be photographed by award winning photographer Dominic Lee at the Priory Studios portrait studio in Stillorgan, Dublin. Images will be shot with a Harley Davidson V-Rod 1450cc 100th Anniversary Motorbike and provided as a low res jpeg to be used as your personal profile portrait or avatar on social networking sites. This limited offer is available for only €25 during the month of June. Terms and conditions apply, please enquire within. Tel. 01 2880755 or email us

To join us on facebook follow this link

Dominic Lee donates €20,000 to Irish Cancer Society

Dominic Lee donates €20, 000 to Irish Cancer Society

On Tuesday 1st June 2010 at the Stillorgan Park Hotel, I presented the Irish Cancer Society with a cheque for €20,000 (Twenty Thousand Euro). This is the amount Priory Studios has raised since the launch of my second charity book Out Of Your Tree 2.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank my family, friends, sponsors and everyone who helped in any way promote and sell Out of Your Tree 2.

I also wish to thank the Stillorgan Park Hotel and Stillorgan Chamber of Commerce for hosting the evening and to Minister Conor Lenihan and his Excellency Urabe, The Japanese Ambassador for making an appearance. Finally, a special thanks to John McCormack, CEO of the Irish Cancer Society for accepting my donation on their behalf.

To celebrate such a great achievement we are offering this beautiful coffee table book at the very special price of €15 (was €30) plus postage €7.50 available from Priory Studios

“I know him” – A page from the diary of Photographer Dominic Lee, Priory Studios on shooting Michael Flatley for “Out of Your Tree 2”

“I know him” – A page from the diary of Photographer Dominic Lee, Priory Studios on shooting Michael Flatley for “Out of Your Tree 2”

One of the annoying things about looking for Celebrities to photograph is when people say “I know him”. Then when you do meet the Celebrity and mention the contact name, you get this blank look which tells you that your contact was talking shite and at best they probably only bumped into each other by accident in a crowded pub.

Michael Flatley was no exception; I’ve lost count of the number of people who said “I know him”. Eventually I did meet someone who clearly had a direct line to Michael and so I wrote saying:- Joe Bloggs tells me you would make a good subject for my next book about people’s hobbies. And the friends name usually makes the difference between your request and the thousands of other requests that Celebrities get to assist every charitable event which ever takes place.

I was delighted when Michael replied and gave me a few dates which suited him. His hobby is collecting Antique Flutes and he invited me to do the photo in his home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley

I have been to LA a few times and have a good photographer friend there, Tony Maddox.

Tony, his wife Betsy & son Roman put me up for a few days and also supplied reflectors, tripod etc so all I needed was my camera. Tony featured in my first book, his hobby – singing in the church choir. Apart from running a busy photographic studio, Tony still sings and his band “The Tony Maddox Band”  is a must see if you are ever in LA.

Tony Maddox LA Studio

Tony Maddox's LA Studio

Tony Maddox

The Tony Maddox Band

Tony also kindly assisted me on the shoot with Michael.

An interior photo of Michael Flatley could be anywhere so I knew this one must have Michael’s Beverly Hills home in the background which I rightly anticipated would be quite distinguishable.

Tony and I received an exceptionally warm welcome from Michael which made us completely relaxed about the photo shoot; I quickly located a spot in his garden and did a few practice shots of Tony while Michael prepared some refreshments for us. The shoot only took about 10 minutes, seems crazy to go from Dublin to LA for a 10 min photo shoot but I’ve never been one for making an ordeal of taking a photo.

Tony Maddox Practice Shot

Tony Maddox Practice Shot

Michael then asked us to join him for lunch and I then took a few private shots of him with his lovely wife Niamh & their delightful baby Michael St James.

Someone later asked me what I thought of Michael Flatley and I replied “that man has a warm soul”, I’ve never said that about anyone before and it sums up in one line how impressed I was by him and it also makes me realise what a great job I have which presents me with opportunities to meet such wonderful people.

Michael Flatley

Michael Flatley

The shot is taken on a Nikon D700 with Nikkor 24-120mm lens, 200 ISO, using reflectors and a tiny blip of flash bounced off the built-in reflector on the Nikon SB900 which helps to balance the exposure between Michael’s portrait with the bright building in the background.

The photo for the text page in the book is a shot of some of Michael’s collection of Antique Flutes which I took in the music room of his Irish home at Castlehyde in Fermoy, Co, Cork. I realised that curtains in his Irish home were a similar colour to the wall of his LA home and that this would help the two pages blend together. I used the same Nikon camera & lens, using available light only.

Michael Flatley Page in Out Of Your Tree 2

Michael Flatley Page in Out Of Your Tree 2

Next day I took a trip to The J Paul Getty Museum in LA, this is the most breathtaking museum building I have ever visited, never mind the vast collection of treasures it houses. Including an exhibition by photographer Paul Outerbridge who in the 1930s (70+ years ago) was doing work in the darkroom which would put today’s skilled Photoshop experts to shame.

Paul Getty Museum

J Paul Getty Museum

All proceeds from the book entitled Out of Your Tree 2 go to The Irish Cancer Society

Available for €15 + postage from or Priory Studios

Out of Your Tree 2 – A page from the diary of Photographer Dominic Lee, Priory Studios

Out of Your Tree 2 – A page from the diary of Photographer Dominic Lee, Priory Studios on photos of:

Frank Quinn in South Georgia & Rob Lee in Argentina.

Traveling to Antarctica with my 16 yr old son Rob we first spent a week in Buenos Aries, with an overnight stay at The Iguazú Falls on the Brazil-Argentina border, it’s the widest waterfall in the world (featured in the Mission, Moonraker and the most recent Indiana Jones movie).

It was particularly spectacular due to recent heavy rain and the trips out on the walkways were so breathtaking that it has to make it into the “Top 10 Things to See Before You Die” list.

Although I have to admit that sharing the experience with my son Rob made it extra special for me. I still recall being well chuffed when my Dad took me to the top of Nelsons Pillar (age 10) before the IRA in their infinite wisdom, blew it up!

Anyway the Rio Iguazú was too fast and dangerous to take out the boats that day so we crossed over the border to the Brazil side and took a helicopter flight for a bird’s eye view and that was also amazing plus the cameras don’t get wet! (pic attached shows our Hotel overlooking Iguazú Falls).

Hotel overlooking Iguazu Falls

Hotel overlooking Iguazu Falls

Back in Buenos Aries our Argentinean friends took us water-skiing on The River Plate and that’s Robs main photo in the book, the reason he has such a big grin on his face is because I had failed several attempts to ski while he made it on the first attempt. Robs text page in the book is a shot of Iguazú Falls from the Argentinean side. (L&R page pics attached).

At the end of the week we met up with the rest of the Irish “Beyond Endurance” team for a 3 week trip to Antarctica (pic attached visiting Shackleton’s grave).

Visiting Shakleton

Visiting Shakleton's Grave

Flying from Buenos Aries to Ushuaia (known as The End of the World) at the southern tip of Chile and there we boarded our ship MV Ushuaia, first stop the island of South Georgia.

On board I met Frank and Maura Quinn over lunch and Frank told me he would be the second Publican ever to walk across Sth Georgia. Tom Crean did it in 1916 with Shackleton & Worsley (sepia pic attached).

Frank Quinn with inset of Shacketon Photo by Dominic Lee

Frank Quinn with inset of Shackelton

I immediately thought this will be a perfect candidate for Out of Your Tree 2. Frank had brought a few cans of Guinness so I’m thinking Diageo can’t refuse to sponsor the book with that photo in it. I was wrong, they did refuse (in spite of the fact that I’m donating all proceeds to The Irish Cancer Society) so I later digitally changed the pint of Guinness to Rocwell Water who very kindly obliged by buying 30 copies of the book for 1000 Euro.

The photo of Frank is taken at the same spot where Shackleton, Crean & Worsley rested before making their final decent into Stromness Whaling Station. The now decommissioned station can be seen clearly next to our ship waiting for us in Stromness Bay. Franks text page is a shot of him & other team members during the 3 day hike over Sth Georgia from King Haakon Bay.

We then continued on our journey to Antarctica (pic attached)

Dominic and Rob Lee travelling in the Antartic

Dominic and Rob Lee travelling in the Antartic

and while Rob spent many a day leaning overboard “feeding a penguin called hughieeee” it was none-the-less a truly wonderful trip and I’m so pleased to have been able to include six of the photographs in Out of Your Tree 2.

The book contains about 200 photographs of people engaged in their hobbies and is available for €25 with all proceeds going to The Irish Cancer Society.

Frank Quinn

Finished Image of Frank Quinn from Out of Your Tree 2

Robert Lee doing his thing for "Out of Your Tree 2" Photo by Dominic Lee

Robert Lee doing his thing for "Out of Your Tree 2"

Order your copy online from  Priory Studios

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