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Vladimir – 10 Years at Priory Studios by Dominic Lee

Vladimir – 10 years at Priory Studios

I get many emails from people seeking a job at Priory Studios but one I received about 11 years ago was to prove a life changing experience for the sender and for Priory Studios. Vladimir Polivanov is from Omsk, Russia (Two & half days from Moscow by train). He studied Photography & Cinematography at the Institute of Culture in Moscow and served his statutory two years in the Army where he was based in Vladivostok (Nine days by express train from Moscow).

His email caught my attention because he mentioned he used “Photoshop” and I had only read about it at that point. But I was in no position to offer him a job. However I did make a cheeky offer to correct the English in his CV which might improve his prospects elsewhere.
He was delighted with the offer and in the course of a few more email exchanges I sent him two images which I had failed to merge as desired in the darkroom. He returned the file and the result was better that I expected. That project went on to be one of two books depicting people in their hobby mode, titled Out of Your Tree and Out of Your Tree 2. Both of which have been very successful thanks to Vladimir’s Photoshop skills.

He spent his first eight months in Ireland living with my family and experimenting with Photoshop projects. It was still film back then which he would scan and retouch to a level which I saw as acceptable and desirable to the Irish market.

Ten years on, Vladimir is an integral part of Priory Studios and Priory Weddings; he is probably one of the most skilled Photoshop editors in Ireland and is also a master of Cinematography, conferences, bands and company profiles.

I’m very happy that I did make that investment in Vladimir all those years ago, he was subsequently joined here by his wife Inna who now runs a very busy dress design & alterations business and his son Vitaly who along with his wife Anna have been the All Ireland Dance Champions for three years in a row.

Here’s to another 10 Years!



Keith Nolan - February 26, 2012 - 11:52 am

It was nice to read of Vladamir and his talents being acknowledged this way and of his family too. It also reflects well on his employer and friend. Well done to you all and many continued successes!

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